Transit Services


Transit Services

Alternative ADA Transit Services Solutions and Rider Choice


Coordinating and providing paratransit for eligible individuals under the American Disability Act (ADA) can be extremely costly and time-consuming for local transit agencies, with each one-way trip per eligible rider costing agencies a significant amount. 


ALC understands the challenges of increasing access to a constantly growing population, while also trying to regulate costs. Through our turnkey solution, ALC provides full management of a more affordable alternative to ADA paratransit systems that significantly decreases costs for transit agencies, while also improving the quality of the ride for eligible individuals. 


With 24/7 dispatch centers and a best-in-class technology platform, ALC’s alternative program offers transit agencies a complete out-of-the-box service. Our contracted network of certified, local transportation providers seamlessly connect for real-time ride requests and detailed reporting. Both agencies and riders are able to utilize our white-labeled, secure web portal as well as a convenient mobile application for monitoring live trips, booking rides for the future, and reviewing their remaining allowance, so as to always know where they stand.  


Transit agencies, municipalities, and other organizations seeking a solution for specialized transportation programs, such as ADA Alternative, First and Last Mile, or Senior Mobility, should look no further than ALC Solutions. Not only does our unparalleled customer experience allow riders to make a choice based on their specific needs, whether it’s deciding between a wheelchair vehicle, local taxi company or rideshare, but they’re also capable of making immediate reservations. This isn’t a standard offering for typical ADA transportation, where reservations must typically be made 24-48 hours ahead of time, which saves your riders any additional hassle and headache, thus improving their overall ride satisfaction. ALC’s alternative solution to ADA paratransit systems removes barriers for riders and transit agencies altogether, while also providing exceptional customer service in the process. 


Transferring 20-30% of your agency’s rides over to ALC’s alternative transit program saves your organization at least 25-50% per trip. Get in touch to see how our transit program management, transportation network, and technology deliver unbeatable results.