ALC’s technology layer enables us to evolve with the changing landscape of transportation. Seamless integrations to our vast driver network, Real-time Geo-fencing enabling pick-up punctuality and ensuring accountability are just a few key features our proprietary applications do for your organization when partnering with us.


Member Encounter Analytics

ALC can help healthcare organizations better manage and budget their transportation benefit by providing real-time updates on the number of trips provided month-to-date. These reports can be provided on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis depending on the organization’s specific needs. ALC can also work with the healthcare agency to determine a schedule of services that meet budgetary requirements and trip quotas, while providing a high-level of customer service.


Member Eligibility Verification

ALC’s reservations specialists confirm member eligibility and monitor the number of trips taken by the member to ensure program benefits are not exceeded. With more than 100 agents available at any given time, as well as online reservation capabilities, ALC not only improves the quality of service, but also makes it easier for your members to utilize their transportation benefits.

ALC technology app