Meet the Individuals Leading the Way at ALC Solutions

Behind every successful organization is a team of individuals willing to do the necessary work to maintain operations and to guide the company forward in reaching its full potential. These are the individuals who do just that for ALC Solutions. Our leadership team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in multiple industries that touch on what we do here at ALC Solutions. From technology and transportation to healthcare and beyond, the ALC Solutions leadership team is the driving force behind our success.

Craig Puckett ALC CEO

Craig Puckett

Chief Executive Officer
Hants White CTO for ALC

Hants White

Chief Technology Officer
Curtis Douglas CFO for ALC

Curtis Douglas

Chief Financial Officer

Owen West

Chief Data Officer
Darren Harline

Darren Harline

VP of Account Operations
Nathan Usher

Nathan Usher

VP of Strategic Initiatives
Brandon Piersant

Brandon Piersant

VP of Marketing & Communications

James Warrick

VP of Product
Mike Dunn profile

Mike Dunne

VP of Strategic Markets